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“Your Go-To Residential, Commercial, and Estate Appraiser”

Hamer Appraisal Services, LLC, is a federal and state licensed appraisal company, and we have been servicing Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1997. Our professionals appraisers have many years of experience, and we pride ourselves on providing complete, well-researched and unbiased appraisals for our clients.

We are certified to do VA appraisals for VA home loans in Essex County, Massachusetts and Rockingham County, New Hampshire. We have years of experience and have passed the VA standards for appraisers, which includes that
“An applicant must show to the satisfaction of the Secretary that his or her character, experience, and the type of work in which he or she has had experience for at least 5 years qualifies the applicant to competently appraise and value within a prescribed area the type of property to which the approval relates.”
(Source: VA Fee Appraisers Qualification Requirements)


We understand that situations can arise quickly and you may need an appraisal NOW. We will respond promptly to your requests, and give you a comprehensive and accurate appraisal quickly and efficiently.

Our certified appraisers can assist you with any of your real-estate appraisal needs, including;

  • Purchase transactions
  • Refinance transactions
  • FHA loans
  • Reverse mortgages
  • REO foreclosures
  • Private mortgage insurance removal

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